Pure wool, sisal, jute, coir and grasses are among the natural fibres now being used to produce beautiful, hard-wearing affordable flooring.


The range of colours and weaves make these products extremely versatile and a suitable foundation for interior styles ranging from rustic, through sophisticated formal to the ultra-modern.


Natural flooring products are ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms, stairs, lounge and offices; most rooms in the home in fact!

Helping you choose

With the vast range of colours, weights, blends and finishes now available we recognise the need to provide expert advice, design ideas and an extensive range of products for you to choose from. We are always happy to lend large samples for customers to assess in the rooms where they will be fitted.

Measure and Fit

Tonbridge Flooring Studio staff will visit to measure at a time to suit you. We take responsibility for ensuring measurements are correct and that only the quantity of material needed is ordered.

Your natural flooring will be fitted by our own fitters, again on a day and time to suit you.

After Care

We are always available to offer advice on the care of your flooring – just call or drop into the shop.

Natural brands we stock.